FOIS 2012: Accepted papers

  • Ontology of Time in GFO (Ringo Baumann, Frank Loebe and Heinrich Herre)
  • States, Processes and Events, and the Ontology of Causal Relations (Antony Galton)
  • Three Semantics for the Core of the Distributed Ontology Language (Till Mossakowski, Christoph Lange and Oliver Kutz)
  • Probability assignments to dispositions in ontologies (Adrien Barton, Anita Burgun and Régis Duvauferrier)
  • The mysterious appearance of objects (Roberta Ferrario, Emanuele Bottazzi and Claudio Masolo)
  • A Method for Evaluating Ontologies: Introducing the BFO-Rigidity Decision Tree Wizard (Patrice Seyed)
  • Does your ontology make a (sense) difference? (Pawel Garbacz)
  • Axiomatizing Change-of-state Words (Niloofar Montazeri and Jerry R. Hobbs)
  • Using Partial Automorphisms to Design Process Ontologies (Bahar Aameri)
  • Toward a Commonsense Theory of Microsociology: Interpersonal Relationships (Jerry Hobbs, Alicia Sagae and Suzanne Wertheim)
  • Suggestions for Galaxy Workflow Design Using Semantically Annotated Services (Alok Dhamanaskar, Michael Cotterell, Jie Zheng, Jessie Kissinger, Christian Stoeckert and John Miller)
  • An Ontology for Skill and Competency Management (Maryam Fazel-Zarandi and Mark S. Fox)
  • A Temporal Extension of the Hayes/ter Horst Entailment Rules and an Alternative to W3C's N-ary Relations (Hans-Ulrich Krieger)
  • A method for re-engineering a thesaurus into an ontology (Daniel Kless, Ludger Jansen, Jutta Lindenthal and Jens Wiebensohn)
  • Preliminaries to a formal ontology of failure of engineering artifacts (Luca Del Frate)
  • The Void in Hydro Ontology (Torsten Hahmann and Boyan Brodaric)
  • Integrating OntoClean's Notion of Unity and Identity with a Theory of Classes and Types (Patrice Seyed)
  • Maturation of Neuroscience Information Framework: An Ontology Driven Information System for Neuroscience (Fahim Imam, Stephen Larson, Anita Bandrowski, Jeffrey Grethe, Amarnath Gupta and Mary Ann Martone)
  • Elements for a linguistic ontology in the verbal domain (Tovena Lucia)
  • Towards A Unified Definition of Function (Riichiro Mizoguchi, Yoshinobu Kitamura and Stefano Borgo)
  • The Date-Time Vocabulary (Mark Linehan, Ed Barkmeyer and Stan Hendryx)
  • Interactive Semantic Feedback for Intuitive Ontology Authoring (Ronald Denaux, Dhavalkumar Thakker, Vania Dimitrova and Anthony Cohn)
  • Ontology Content "At A Glance'' (Gökhan Coskun, Mario Rothe and Adrian Paschke)
  • Towards the Ontological Commitment of a Database Schema on the Geological Domain (Alda Maria Silva and Maria Claudia Cavalcanti)

FOIS 2012: Accepted posters

  • A Semantic Approach to Personalizing Routes (Vladimir Luna, Marco Moreno and Rolando Quintero)     PDF [1.1 MB]
  • Adverse Events Following Immunization (Melanie Courtot, Ryan R Brinkman and Alan Ruttenberg)     PDF [1.6 MB]
  • Vulnerability Ranking of Geographic Objects using Conceptual Representations (Imelda Escamilla, Marco Moreno and Miguel Torres)     PDF [890 KB]
  • Ontology-based Framework for Policy-driven Governance in Cloud Application Platforms (Dimitrios Kourtesis, Iraklis Paraskakis and Anthony J.H. Simons)     PDF [373 KB]
  • Korean Food Ontology (Eugene Kim)     PDF [811 KB]
  • Adaptive Ontology Based Index and Search Process in Digital Libraries (Emanuel Reiterer)     PDF [725 KB]
  • Ontology-driven Information System for the Knowledge Transmission in Prevention Education (Susanna Pivetti, Roberta Gazzarata and Mauro Giacomini)     PDF [6.5 MB]
  • Ontological Representation of Metaphors: A Case-Study (Francesca Quattri)
  • Extracting Domain Ontologies from Italian Texts: An Approach with Finite State Transducers (Edoardo Salza)     PDF [443 KB]
  • 4 + 1 View Model for the Process of Generating Consistent Labels in the Financial Domain (Dagmar Gromann)     PDF [7.0 MB]
  • Semantic and Intelligent Search of Geospatial Datasets (Julio C. Vizcarra Romero, Miguel J. Torres Ruiz and Rolando Quintero Tellez)     PDF [1.8 MB]
  • Part-whole Relations in Conceptual Spaces (Sandro Rama Fiorini, Peter Gärdenfors and Mara Abel)     PDF [558 KB]

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